Bhoomi Puja

As indicated by Hindu culture, the land is considered as a mother. Bhoomi is the Hindu goddess of Mother Earth. Before the beginning of any development a puja is performed which is called as Bhoomi Pujan. This puja is directed to get the authorization from Deva Bhoomi alongside their favors and help. Bhoomi Pujan Vidhi relies upon nature of the land and reason for the development to be embraced. In the event that development of a gathering of private lodging is the target then Kubera Lakshmi mantras can be sung to build offers of individual homes. In the event that erection of an assembling production line is the target, at that point including a Vishwakarma Puja is reasonable. Essentially, Bhoomi Puja Vidhi can be modified with the goal that it bears the sweetest natural products for the individual concerned. On the off chance that there are any lawful issues/question identified with arrive then Sudarshana Kalabhairava puja will be valuable, If the foe is equivalent/all the more intense/solid, at that point the intensity of Bagalamukhi Brahmastra functions admirably. Like Vastu Puja, Bhoomi Pujan is better if done in the Bhoomi, that is, call the Pandits to the site and lead puja. Be that as it may, Bhoomi Pujan should likewise be possible remotely, you can send little examples taken from eight distinct areas of Bhoomi, Pandit will sanctify the sand, lead every one of the ceremonies and send it back to you. The month of shravan, kartik, margshirsh and paush of lunisolar calendar ar the foremost appropriate time for the pujan of land. it''s necessary to worship the land before construction work starts. use caution whereas choosing the time for puja.Monday and Th proves to be the simplest day for puja. One ought to conjointly avoid the adhik maas, the zero month, month and sunset.The bhoomi pujan ceremony is conducted in strict conformity to vastu shastra. By activity this puja, one will appease the positive energies and natural components encompassing the location. an accurate time is chosen in accordance to vaastu muhurut, the time once vaastu purush is in its full strength.

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