Dhanteras Puja

The competition of Dhanteras is well known 2 days previous of Diwali competition. folks celebrate this competition with nice enthusiasm, devotion and prosperity. This competition is well known in Maharashtra, Northern Republic of India and in Gujarat. This competition is devoted to Lord Dhanvantari WHO is that the doctor of all the Gods. The necessary ritual that''s being performed on these days is that the Lakshmi Puja worn out the evening. There aren''t any specific rituals followed on these days because the manner during which this competition is well known varies from region to region. On these days folks purchase or do searching of the gold or silver things. these days is taken into account to be terribly favorable for all the new purchases or investments done. On these days folks lit the primary lamps of the Diwali competition. Lanterns ar being embellished and ar sold-out within the market to point the arrival of the Diwali competition.

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