Vivah Puja gives you panditji to marriage/wedding at sensible cost. Hindu vedic marriage is most vital service in each individual''s life where and man and a lady take promise for a lifetime of duty and trust. On this uncommon event, we thank the omnipotent and lead vivah ceremonies to take endowments from the god and goddesses. Our shastras trusted that marriage is a way to thank our precursors and for us to take our traditions and conventions forward by proceeding with the family. 7 Commitments of Marriage:- Always remember the divine. Continuously treat each other with sensitivity, love and empathy. Help each other in every single great deed. Remember unadulterated and righteous. Be solid and honorable. Show altruism and fondness to guardians, siblings, sisters and other relatives. Raise the kids in such a way, to the point that they are solid as a main priority and body. Continuously welcome and regard visitors.

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