Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudra Abhisheka may be a ritual of worshiping Lord Shiva within the Hindu deity type. during this technique, the knife linga is washed by the water, that ceaselessly keeps gushing on that through a vessel along side the continual intonation of sacred writing mantra known as the Hindu deity Sukhta. all told the sacred writing scriptures the Hindu deity Abhishek puja is taken into account because the greatest non secular puja. Abhisheka may be a ritual within the, that you worship of God with substances like milk (cow milk), Ghee, Curd, honey, coconut milk, rice, water, sugarcane juice, granulated sugar and several other a lot of similar things as suggested by pandits. These non secular things utilized in the puja area unit usually those things, that area unit likeable by the Lord Shiva.

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