Mangalik Dosh Nivaran Puja

On the off chance that planet Mars ("Mangal" or "Kuja") is arranged in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth place of a man''s Rashi (Indian prophetic moon sign) when he/she is conceived; at that point that individual is a "Manglik" (additionally called "Mangalik"). It is trusted that "Mangalik Dosha" (or "Manglik Dosh" or "Mangal Dosha") essentially impacts a man''s hitched life. It can prompt disharmony and pressure between the couple. Some likewise trust that marriage between a Manglik and a non-Manglik can prompt the less than ideal passing of one of the accomplices. As per jyotishshastra if Mangal existences in the main, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelth position in janmakundali then man or lady called mangalik. In this circumstance he or she has experience the ill effects of severl issues. At times it cause for late merrige. All things considered lady and prep both must be mangalik. By the impact of mangaldosha of man or lady has confront at some point short age, ailment and different issues. Mangal shanti is the just a single arrangement of every one of these issues. Mangal shanti pujan has sort out as a rule in Mangalnath sanctuary. Bhat puja is the just a single strategy for that sort of puja.

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